Field Notes

By Maxim Peter Griffin

A remarkable record of what it's like to be in a landscape, from a contributor to Caught By The River. A book of visions; both visual and verbal.

Monday, 17 February 2020




Field Notes hit 100% over the weekend. 

Hopefully all the drum banging and tin rattling has been somewhat entertaining.

All of your patience, kindness and support has not gone unnoticed -


Thank you - all.


The working has begun.

I went out to the sea this morning - the spot where the video was filmed.


It was wilder today

Feedback weather- edge of the storm

good weather for drawing 


best get to it then ,,,


M x



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Michael Smith
 Michael Smith says:

Excellent news! Can't wait to see the finished article - really looking forward to it.



posted 18th February 2020

Jackie Bates
 Jackie Bates says:


posted 18th February 2020

Benjamin Cusden
 Benjamin Cusden says:

Yippee!!! Congratulations - super excited!

posted 18th February 2020

David Walster
 David Walster says:

Splendid result, well done old chap. Very much looking forward to seeing your book.

posted 19th February 2020

Elizabeth Sargeantson
 Elizabeth Sargeantson says:

Well done a great achievement , looking forward to seeing the finished article.

posted 19th February 2020

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