Felix Romsey's Afterparty

By Tim Thornton

The Afterlife's biggest rock festival is interrupted when headliner John Lennon vanishes; now promoter Felix Romsey has to get him back

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Welcome - and thank you!

We launched the campaign for my third novel FELIX ROMSEY'S AFTERPARTY yesterday and I must admit I'm overwhelmed (and slightly relieved) at the response. We're currently 23% funded in just 24 hours... that's almost A Percent per hour (forgive me for the massively technical maths lingo). But with these crowdfundy things, it's often a marathon, not a sprint, so it's up to me, with your kind assistance, to keep the ol' momentum going. I also set up the novel's Facebook page yesterday, so if you haven't already, please give it a "like".

I'm particularly amazed that BOTH the chances to have a character named after a generous supporter have gone... so we've been able to add another two (I'll run out of fictional characters soon). So, if you fancy being immortalised in a story about immortal rock'n'roll people, click right here.

To come... I'll be writing articles, blogs, releasing more excerpts on the Facebook page, appearing on the radio, tweeting my ass off, hassling celebrities, all sorts. So this is just a quick update to say THANK YOU if you've already backed the project, and if you haven't, read the blurb, read the excerpt, buy the book, make a donation, share with your friends if you can, particularly if you have a friend who's always saying stuff like, "Ooh, I wonder where [insert name of famous but dead rock star] is right now?"

That's it... love from

Me and my unfeasibly large thumb



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