Felix Romsey's Afterparty

By Tim Thornton

The Afterlife's biggest rock festival is interrupted when headliner John Lennon vanishes; now promoter Felix Romsey has to get him back

Monday, 9 April 2018

The moment it starts to become real... cover design

Hi all

My novel FELIX ROMSEY'S AFTERPARTY is almost ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world, so it’s time for everyone to see the cover design...

Great design job done by Mark Ecob, I'm sure you'll agree. I really dig the surfing cherub, which will be more prominent on the back, and I think I'll be using it as an emblem here and there.

We have a launch date for the novel... JUNE 14TH... although you might be getting your copies before then. More details soon.

DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYONE IN THE PUBLICITY MEDIA who you think might be able to help with getting the word out about the book? Journos, radio DJs, prominent book bloggers? If you do, and you think you can put them in touch with me, please let me know in the comments below and we'll chat further, privately.

By the way, there's still a little bit of time to get supporter names in the book, if you know of someone who'd like to preorder the novel... send them this link!

For now... have a lovely week... cheers for reading



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