Playlist - plus, has everyone received their novels?

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Happy summer's day to you all... firstly, I hope by now everyone will have received their books, or the email with the e-book. If not, please email and ask the very nice people if there's a problem.

Assuming you've received the book and assuming you're enjoying it... please remember to leave me an Amazon review on this page! Reviews help almost every aspect of the book world, from simply purchases online to foreign publishers and filmmakers picking up the novel to check it out. I'd be enormously grateful!

Next: I've made a rather large Spotify playlist.

Every book I write begins with a playlist. Not to listen to while I write, but – using the technical term – to get the right vibe. Each song doesn’t have to be historically appropriate, it just has to contain something that informs the writing I’m about to do. Naturally I add to, and subtract from, the list as I go.

Since my first novel The Alternative Hero was written, creating playlists has become a somewhat easier task. Now I can make lists that are six hours long without having to leave my seat. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is moot; there was a commitment level to which one had to subscribe in the old days, ripping music off CDs, sometimes recording off vinyl, downloading bits and pieces. Recipients of my Felix Romsey’s Back To Mine mix”tape” may have noticed a few of these methods creeping in (a necessity: Spotify doesn’t have everything!) but in general I can’t deny that streaming has sped and smoothed the process. Here, then, in (almost) full, is the music that inspired Felix Romsey’s Afterparty. And before anyone says anything: yes, I’m happy to say that many of these artists are alive and well.

Enjoy this and please share with as many people as you like.


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