Felix Romsey's Afterparty

By Tim Thornton

The Afterlife's biggest rock festival is interrupted when headliner John Lennon vanishes; now promoter Felix Romsey has to get him back

Monday, 15 January 2018

Felix's "Back To Mine" Mix

How long is it since you've made a proper, old-school compilation, or "mixtape" as they're currently, and often misleadingly, known? Me, it's been a while. In the 90s it was the go-to thing you did, when courting a new Special Person. I guess it follows, therefore, that I haven't done one since about 2003. It's surprising what you forget about them: the little rules (no artist gets two songs!), the annoying different volume levels (I honestly think I purchased a cassette deck with a recording level knob for this precise reason), keeping the whole thing to the appropriate length of time... a CD is 74 minutes, which is roughly 22 songs, unless they're all like Bat Out Of Hell or Bohemian Rhapsody (which they're not). Unfortunately, for Felix's Back To Mine mix, I started with a longlist of 86 songs. It's tragic, but not everyone is going to get to the full-length album version of Paint A Rumour by Eurythmics.

Anyway, the wonderfully generous people who pledged £40 and above for my third novel are all getting one of these bad boys, individually decorated and with a personalised playlist. That's right, they're all different. Oh, the hours I will spend ruminating over whether so-and-so will want that Big Country song or not. All coming up, in the next few fun-filled months...

If you'd like to "upgrade" to the mixtape level, it's still totally doable... just go to the book's page and it's all there.

Not long now until the novel's publication... I had a nice chat with the cover design chap at the end of last week, and I predict it will look pretty damn amazing. The editing, too, is soon to enter the final stages... we're moving away from "are you sure that chapter works", and towards "are you sure that semi-colon shouldn't be a full-fat colon?"

Have a lovely and hopefully not too rainy January...



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Matthias Hombauer
 Matthias Hombauer says:

Wohoo! Can´t wait for your book!

posted 16th January 2018

Tim Thornton
 Tim Thornton says:

me too!

posted 17th January 2018

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