Felix Romsey's Afterparty

By Tim Thornton

The Afterlife's biggest rock festival is interrupted when headliner John Lennon vanishes; now promoter Felix Romsey has to get him back

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Felix on the Huffington Post

Greetings - and THANK YOU to those who've just supported Felix Romsey's Afterparty, you really are ruddy marvellous.

This is just a quickie to say I've penned a new Huffington Post blog about why the blithering heck I decided to write a novel about rock festivals in the Afterlife, and you can read it by clicking these magic words right here.

I went to Unbound's - the publishers - office on Thursday for the first time; I can confirm they are a jolly nice bunch of people, and their offices are in one of those achingly trendy canalside complexes that has its very own hipster coffee joint... it was all a wonderful romantic sunny waterside experience until I realised I had no cash and had to schlep down to the ATM next to the McDonalds on the ring road. Pleased to report this didn't totally ruin my bouyant mood.

Hey... enough of my yakkin'... have a lovely day


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