Felix Romsey's Afterparty

By Tim Thornton

The Afterlife's biggest rock festival is interrupted when headliner John Lennon vanishes; now promoter Felix Romsey has to get him back

Friday, 8 June 2018

Delivery - SOON!

Hey everyone

If you've ordered the paperback it will be with you very soon, probably Monday (if you're in the UK). You might get an email saying "your Clays Ltd order will be delivered on" etc, but apparently with no information about what it IS. It's my book! So don't go nuts reporting spam, and so forth.

Anyway - if you are so inclined - feel free to take a daft photo of you with said book and slam it on the social medium of your choice...

I really hope you enjoy the book! Great Amazon reviews are also welcome.

Oh, and come to the launch bash on Thursday at 6pm! Flyer attached.

Love to all



p.s. thanks to the actor C. A. Dunne for her practical information

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