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An all-ages graphic novel about growing up and finding your place in the world

The Unlikely Story of Felix and Macabber is the tale of a little monster, Felix, and his run in with the big, brutish, ex-superstar monster Macabber.  Felix was having a tough time, not an unusually tough time for a little monster of his age, of course, tales like his are a dime a dozen. Or at least, they were until last Flugulday, when Felix happened upon a moment that might come to change the course of his life. On his usual lonely trot to school, Felix gets accosted by Arachnibold -- the meanest of bullies. Felix is pushed to play knock-a-door-run on the big, heavy, frighteningly gothic front door of a Mr. Tails. You may know him better as Macabber Tails, or simply... Macabber. One name, like Trimpton or Rigglenok, an elite among their class.

And that is when Felix’s life began drifting into much muddier waters, and where we begin our story of Macabber and Felix, their tumultuous, up and down, flipped and reversed friendship, foeship, and everything in between. Our travels will take us to the edge of Krinkletown, to the heights of Munkun, and the deep, dark depths of Macabber’s soul.

In Felix, Macabber sees a version of himself from some time ago, a version who still might be able to make the right choices and not end up in his family-less, fame-focused future. In Macabber, Felix sees someone who has their life together, who's earned and maintained a respect he's never found. Together, they come to learn that life is never black and white...

The story was borne out of a documentary I directed back in 2012, following a series of amateur and professional wrestlers. A lot of the younger wrestlers saw something in the older stars, a role model of what a "real man" could be, while the older pro's had little beyond words of warning about lives that had taken unexpected turns. I wanted to explore the notion of masculinity and it's frailty, and that idea of striving for something to give you a sense of worth, as told through Felix and Macabber's relationship.

The story is a full-length all-ages graphic novel. It is planned as six chapters, which begins with Felix and Mac's encounter, before exploring Mac's past and Felix's present, and following the pair as they set out on their journey to reclaim the lost glory of Mac's youth and together finish the fight Mac never could win alone.

The art is by Junior Ba, who brought this story to life in entirely unexpected, and wonderful, ways. It's an important story for both of us, with troubled upbringings and fathers from other cultures, searching for role models elsewhere and trying to find our place in the world.

The first chapter is available immediately for all supporters!

Hass Otsmane-Elhaou is the editor of PanelxPanel magazine, voice of Strip Panel Naked and screenwriter of The Drowning of Arthur Braxton. He's also lettered a bunch of independent comics, and contributed essays on comic craft and storytelling to Marvel and ComicsAlliance. You can usually find him rambling to himself in the corner of the pub about why comics are good.

Juni Ba is an illustrator born and raised in Senegal. Influenced by all things from books to Cartoon Network, his art is the form taken by his passion for all things weird. He now operates from the south of France, where he doodles monsters and makes plans for world domination. The Unlikely Story of Felix and Macabber is his first graphic novel.

A sneak peek at the interiors:

Joerg Faßbender
Joerg Faßbender asked:

Hi guys, this looks fantastic! I didn't find it, so… how many pages is the book going to be presumably? Thanks!

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou replied:

Hey Joerg! Thanks for supporting :) Should be around 130 pages!

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