Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone

By Jackie Morris

A pillow book of poems, dreams & stories typed on sheets of gold leaf.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Partnership, play, practice, painting.

For spring Unbound and I have partnered with 'oh' magazine to see if this idea might work. Inside the beautiful pages of the magazine there are three spreads devoted to The Silent Unwinding. The first is a little about the book, and some prompts for what comes next. The next two spreads invite you to write, paint, draw in the magazine, as you would in The Silent Unwinding.


When you've done this the idea is to build an online gallery of work, of image and word, using the #


The magazine is available through newsagents, or you can order direct from the website.

I had a play with it today, choosing to cut out the pages and copy first so that I can play again. ( I thought this might be good for schools, to copy and then share out with a class- and if you do then don't forget to post on twitter or instagram with the #ohTheSilentUnwinding) 

For inspiration I turned to the notes written by Eva John, designed by Alison O'Toole. These give prompts and clues for how to play with the images. Eva's notes are free to download from her website.

The piece above, made on my Underwood typewriter I wish to give away to someone. If you can share this blog post, or the Feather, Leaf main page, or tell a friend, and leave a comment here on this post I will pick someone from the comments in about a week and send this piece, signed to them. I would love to see the work people do on these pages, and the more people who know, the more might join in. 

There are so many ideas in Eva's notes ( Eva did the school notes for The Lost Words and The Lost Spells- but these ones, for The Unwinding and The Silent Unwinding are for anyone to use, and I am going to try a few. Good exercise for teh imagination)


I have been thinking about the end of Feather leaf also. It is in sight. I have one postcard left to paint, and I think it should be Ivy and a stone, because that is how the film begins. I've been working on small images for Nicola's book, The Song That Sings Us. Sumi ink on clayboard. I love how it sits on the smooth surface. And birds. My head is back to birds. And about time too.

There's a new pledge too. I had one of the leaves I had gilded and typed on blown up as a big print. It is elegant, strange. The textures of the leaf are remakable. 


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catherine melser
 catherine melser says:

such beautiful inspiring words and images
will share to fellow dreamers

posted 26th March 2021

Racheblue Love
 Racheblue Love says:

Wow, what a gorgeous prize, words we dearly need to hear right now.. Oh, an excuse to buy another magazine, thank you. I look forward to creating my own piece.. x

posted 26th March 2021

Lyn Gibson
 Lyn Gibson says:

I happily share these beautiful posts freely without incentives... not that I would turn one down!
Shared, and also to my dreams...

posted 26th March 2021

Amber B
 Amber B says:

As always I am glad to share so others can explore the beauty of words and images. Hopefully to inspire and renew their creative urges

posted 26th March 2021

Angharad Westmore
 Angharad Westmore says:

Those words are bringing me so much comfort today. As lockdown begins to lift in Wales, I'm coming to terms with the untimely death of my mum in November, my father's dementia diagnosis and the real hope that this spring will bring me the boost I need to keep going in this very strange world one step at a time, as long as I move forward that's good isn't it.

posted 26th March 2021

Angharad Westmore
 Angharad Westmore says:

Can I just add, that the picture used on the first spread is my favourite in the book, it's so full of love and tenderness.

posted 26th March 2021

Lorijo Daniels
 Lorijo Daniels says:

I love everything about this Jackie, the old typewriter is the best, such artistry. I can't wait to page through this new magazine and your new book.

posted 26th March 2021

Lucy Coats
 Lucy Coats says:

What joy this will give, especially to kids in classrooms! I love the juxtaposition of type and pictures—keep meaning to find new ribbon for my old typewriter.

posted 26th March 2021

Denise Boggs
 Denise Boggs says:

I love this idea so much! Looking so forward to the book, and now the magazine too. I love that Ivy will be included on a post card. Thank you Jackie, for your beautiful art that is a gift to all of us.

posted 26th March 2021

Kate Plews
 Kate Plews says:

I love the idea of copying the pages of the magazine! I don't find it easy to draw and write in the pages of a book. Not a problem when I was a child, there are several "illustrations" in grown ups books.

posted 26th March 2021

Janet Fearnley
 Janet Fearnley says:

Love your art, Jackie. I love the leaves and otters and foxes and bears (I love polar bears) but oh your birds! So glad you’re returning to them. Happy to have shared this post on Twitter, spreading the joy of your world and art is a pleasure. This is such a great idea and good that it’s for everyone.

posted 26th March 2021

Wendy Love Hinds
 Wendy Love Hinds says:

I love this idea! I'll be searching out a copy when I'm out tomorrow, here's to imaginative creating!

posted 30th March 2021

Wendy Love Hinds
 Wendy Love Hinds says:

And to Angharad, should she read this. My condolences to you for the loss of your mother and wishing you the strength you will need to support your father through the times ahead. I am the sole carer for my mother who also has dementia, it's tough and finding the positives in each day is at times impossible. Many, many best wishes ❤

posted 30th March 2021

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