Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone

By Jackie Morris

A pillow book of poems, dreams & stories typed on sheets of gold leaf.

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Feather, Leaf out in the wild

This is just to say a huge thank you to everyone who pledged when this was just an idea, and helped to make it real. I have been getting some amazing responses from people who are reading the book. 

I understand that some people's names were not included as supporters names and am really so sorry about this. The Unbound team should be getting in touch and when I am home I will send small things from my studio as an apology.

With Feather Leaf released into the wild we have begun another, much simpler ( Ha! wonder where this one might go) project. The Unwinding Cards are a series of 100 postcards, mostly taken from the book, but also, hopefully, a few new pieces and the odd story. They will come in a box and this shows a mock up, but once Alison has eyes on it I think it will change. You can post them to friends, write dreams, write wishes, write your own stories, shuffle and tuck one under your pillow, send as presents, whatever.

They will be available next year, in autumn. And to help them become 'real' here is the link. The entry level pledge is £20, and if you scroll down there are other options..... 

I love these boxes of cards, but get frustrated with myself as I don't want to send them. But there's still something rather wonderful about receiving a card from a friend, knowing they are thinking of you. Tell me, do you still send cards? 

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Sheila MacNeill
 Sheila MacNeill says:

I do still send cards. I think the act of sending and receiving a physical object (particularly a beautiful card) is even more meaningful just now. I think this is a wonderful project idea, and I am also loving dipping into my copy of Feather and Leaf, it lifts my spirits me every time I look at it.

posted 20th July 2022

Jennifer Garland
 Jennifer Garland says:

I love to send and receive cards. I love the post cards I received as part of the Feather, Leaf, Bark and Stone package. My only wish is they came with an envelop as I don't want them to get wrinkled in transit but again don't we all get a little wrinkled in transit? My name was not included in the book however I was pleased to see another Garland was part of the project. I really appreciate your work in all of its unique expressions.

posted 20th July 2022

Amira Abd El-Khalek
 Amira Abd El-Khalek says:

I still do, yes! and these come at the perfect moment, because my stock of cards and postcards needs replenishment. Well, I may have to wait a bit... These postcards are going to be magnificent, I'm sure. The Unwinding is such a sublime book and Feather Leaf is a treasure.. brings comfort to the heart.

posted 20th July 2022

Rosie Pendlebury
 Rosie Pendlebury says:

These unwinding cards sounds fabulous. I have a box of your lost words postcards and everyone I have sent one to has commented on how beautiful they are. I’ve enjoyed rummaging through to find the card that best matches the recipient.

posted 20th July 2022

Rosie Pendlebury
 Rosie Pendlebury says:

I’m not familiar with The Unwinding but I would relish a box of Leaf, Bark, Stone cards

posted 20th July 2022

Racheblue Love
 Racheblue Love says:

Fab idea Jackie! Looking forward to see how these cards turn out and what journeys they'll travel..
I send cards as often as I can - most often at birthdays - and always try to write something meaningful, often adding a poem or drawing if I'm feeling creative.
Enjoy the making journey x

posted 20th July 2022

Pamela Barone
 Pamela Barone says:

Snail Mail is still in my life, quick postcard notes or longer letters, sketches, cards purchased or handmade. Helps me keep my handwriting a little bit. I like getting mail and I hope others feel the same.

posted 20th July 2022

Andrea Burden
 Andrea Burden says:

Been sending postcards regularly for 18 months as I recover from long Covid. The incentive to have something to post means I am far more likely to go for walk to the postbox. Currently working my way through the box of The Wild Cards postcards which are adored by recipients. Can’t wait for these :-)

posted 21st July 2022

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