Fear Hack

By Hilary Gallo

How what scares us, makes us.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Welcome to the Fear Goldmine!

Welcome to the Goldmine that is Fear and thank you for being visonary enough and kind enough to back my new book. As of writing this we are 2/3 of the way to funding the book and nearly a month in.

One of the great things about doing things this way is that the project is continuing to develop. I didn't know when I made my video - by standing on a mark on the floor - that I was off centre, leaving a space on my right. Now, thanks to Simon Heath, I know why. My friend, Fear is there with me; I just hadn't noticed...

Over the next few months there will be lots more Fear Hacks. On Thursday this week I'm going down to Wales to do one at Do Breakthrough for David Hieatt and the team at the Do Lectures. In May there will be one in a pub in London and one at Conway Hall as usual.

As things develop I will share things about progress and the book with you. Do let me know if you'd like less or more. In time, I'd like to be sharing stuff here that won't yet be seen publicly. 

I have so far been genuinely surprised by the level of interest in the book. "Soft" got a good initial response but nothing like this. People I have the greatest of respect for have said some very encouraging things and the publicity machine is hardly in gear yet. This is a difficult topic but I promise you once you get started it is a goldmine to everything that matters. Crack fear and what then is possible?

The book is mostly written and I'll be delivering it to unbound shortly after we get to 100%. 

For now, if you are able to help us by sharing this, talking to your friends about it, whatever you feel happy to do, that would be great. Most of this works best one on one. Every pledge matters and what's more - every one puts another squeeze of joy though my heart! If you know anyone who might want to fund a high level let me know, I'm happy to help.

Please do put the pressure on me to get this thing delivered this autumn!

Any questions or requests - let me know.

all my best,




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