Falling Upwards

By Theresa Davis

A moving memoir about family, addiction, transitioning and living authentically.

Friday, 17 December 2021

'Twas the Week before Christmas, when all through the island

On the western side of La Palma, an eerie silence has descended...  

After close to 90 days the volcano lies dormant, free of lava flows and ash clouds; Is the eruption over the scientists say that it's too soon to call yet. A Christmas free of lava flows and toxic gasses would be a welcome gift for many this year but of little solace to those who will be attempting to celebrate in temporary accommodation. 

Christmas can be a difficult time for many trans people, making trips to visit family who may not be as supportive and respectful of names and pronouns. Some may even go as far as hiding their real selves to appease relatives. Of course, there are a number of trans people who will spend Christmas alone, estranged from family and friends.  

So please this year as you tuck into the turkey think about those trans people out there who may be alone and reach out if you can.

A Merry Christmas to all my backers and I look forward to the new year where with your continued help we can hopefully get the book into your hands.

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