Falling Upwards

By Theresa Davis

A moving memoir about family, addiction, transitioning and living authentically.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Small Steps

First I would like to thank all those that have pledged in this first couple of weeks. It has not been the ideal time to launch a funder in the middle of a crisis when many are furloughed or have been made redundant. So again I thank you deeply.

Now to some important things, progress. The 1st draft of the book itself is complete at around 95,000 words. I am in the process of doing the primary major edit before I turn it over to the professionals for them to do their work. Due to health issues last year I wasn't able to do any editing which in a way has been a blessing because it has enabled me to come back with fresh eyes and make some critical decisions about the format in which the story is told.

Finally, to round off this update I'd just like to highlight a couple of things that I may talk about more in future updates, this book is so much more than just your typical transition story. I had a ringside seat for some of the major events of the early 21st Century while leading the technical team maintaining the online systems for the Daily Telegraph. 

When the rat race began to take a toll on myself and my partner, and the offer of redundancy was made we headed for a new life in the sun and Spain.

I'll have more to come in the coming weeks so please, keep pledging and sharing...

Me at my desk on the 15th Floor of the Canary Wharf Tower 2002

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