Falling Upwards

By Theresa Davis

A moving memoir about family, addiction, transitioning and living authentically.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

March Update

We have reached the point of 25% funding, to all that have backed the project up to this point a huge thank you for your funding and patience. 
The beginning of March brings around mixed feelings, it was back in 1998 immediately after I started to undergo treatment towards my transition things began to go off track. 
Looking back I had subconsciously let my guard down beginning to display a few attributes that may have been picked up by people. The University rumour mill started to go into overdrive, to counter this I decided to go public. I posted the note that I had agreed with the management up for the students to read.
The response from the students was fantastic, a group that had known me for a number of years invited me to join them on a night out on the town. This was the first time I had been out publicly in Northampton outside my local area. The evening was a complete success and my confidence was at an all time high. But the following day everything crashed, I got a phone call from my ex Emma. A letter had been hand delivered to the house from the University I was suspended pending an investigation for misuse of university computers.
With my universe collapsing around me, I posted an email to a group, I can’t remember the wording but in summary I was giving up and I couldn’t go on any longer I had lost everything so I might as well lose my life. 

The response I’ll detail in an excerpt from the draft manuscript.

Thankfully my email resulted in frantic phone calls and messages. I finally answered one from a friend Kym who spoke to me as I sat on the kitchen floor in the bedsit sobbing my heart out with Celine Dion on repeat, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Then it dawned on me slowly as the tears kept on going. I was crying in a way that I never had been able to before, all the pent up emotions of the past were flooding out.
“I can’t stop crying, but it feels so good”
I sobbed to Kym, it then dawned on me that I had been on hormones for about a month at that time. Was what I was experiencing hormonally driven, or a stress reaction who knows, but thanks to Kym and others I got through that night. In the light of day the next morning things weren’t as bad as they appeared the night before. It was going to be a battle, but one that I had to fight.

Fight I did, with an amount of personal sacrifice. I was to be off work for about six weeks in total. But during those six weeks I would record a number of TV shows, find new friends and a place to live, have a chance encounter with a trans celebrity and due to a mistake with keys, become Theresa permanently. The whirlwind of this time it will all be revealed in the book. 

So please help me to get this into your hands by sharing as much as you can offline, online anywhere you can.

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