Falling From the Floating World

By Nick Hurst

A Tokyo-based thriller

Friday, 26 January 2018

The good (and not quite so good) for 2018

The good news for the start of 2018 is I've had the first review back from my editor at Unbound... and I survived. 

At this point the fear is you'll have to re-order everything, write chapters again, change characters and so on. Fortunately, while I have to make some amends they're more along the lines of tweaks rather than wholesale changes. 

Once they're done the detailed edit begins - going through the whole book line by line. Then it's onto the front cover design, proofreading, typesetting and finally printing. 

Which all sounds simple and quick but leads onto the not quite as good news. 

All of the work from now can get done in 6-9 months meaning the book could be ready late summer or early autumn. 

However, it gets more complicated. Firstly Unbound's publishing schedule needs to be considered. Then it has to be sold in to book chains up and down the country. And finally there are the other authors.

It's here problems kick in as all of the big names launch in autumn to get up and running for the Christmas market. And even if I pool all my banks of optimism and over-confidence I still can't see myself winning a battle for PR with the likes of Lee Child. 

So I've reluctantly accepted Unbound's advice to hold off publication until the start of 2019. 

Many of you made your pledges over a year ago, so there's not any way I can suggest waiting another is a great thing. But, really searching for a silver lining, it does at least mean the book will get plenty of love and attention at Unbound. And getting some clear air for media coverage will hopefully mean more sales of the paperback, thereby rocketing the value of your special editions like the literary equivalent of Bitcoin (without the crashes). 

So thank you again for your continued support, and sorry for the extended wait.  I'll try to break it up with interesting updates at least.

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