Falling From the Floating World

By Nick Hurst

A Tokyo-based thriller

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

An overdue update

It's been longer since the last update than planned - the result of a slightly turbulent 2018. But while I haven't been great at communicating it, work on the book has gone on!

Having come through the structural edit relatively unscathed, it went into copy editing in the summer. I stepped up my efforts to source and get permission to use the illustrations at the same time. 

While the copy editing was straight forward, things weren't quite as easy with the prints. What had seemed a great idea at first felt less brilliant when I had to track them all down. 

In the end this meant finding 42 images from 11 museums in 7 countries, 2 art dealers and a woodblock printer. It also wiped out a fair few weekends and evenings and earned me some grey hairs along the way. But the pain has been worth it - they're looking great. 

On the subject of great, the cover design is complete and looking equally fantastic. While the inside is all woodblock prints, the front is pure thriller and should grab attention on the book stands. 

And it shouldn't be too long before it's on them as the proofs are being worked on now. Once they're done it's off to print. That means the special edition and rewards will be sent out around the turn of the year, before the paperback follows in spring 2019. 

So thanks again for your support and your patience - there's not long to go now. 


PS You'll be getting an email soon requesting confirmation of how you would like your name included in the supporters section. Please check carefully to make sure everything is just right. 


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