Falling From the Floating World

By Nick Hurst

A Tokyo-based thriller

Monday, 14 August 2017

Almost there...

Falling from the Floating World is now 92% funded and inching ever closer to publication! 

As this is down to your generosity I'd like to say a massive thank you. It's quite a challenge to get a book from idea to shop front and the moral support your pledges have provided has been just as gratefully received as the financial benefits. 

I'm afraid you won't be receiving your rewards quite yet though. After hitting the funding target the publishing process starts and this will take delivery into 2018. The quicker the target is hit the sooner delivery will be however, so if you do know anyone you think the book will appeal to please let them know about it (there are gift options too if you like them enough ;-). 

So thank you all once again - I hope you'll find the wait worthwhile when the book finally arrives. I will of course keep you updated as it moves through the pre-publication process. 

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