Fact Hunt: Fascinating, Fun & Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games

By Larry Bundy Jr

A compendium of the strangest, most shocking, hilarious and captivating facts and anecdotes from all of Gaming!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Book is complete!!!

Hey everyone,   apologies for the total lack of any updates,  buried my head into writing the book so much I forgot to keep afloat of the updates.  Please do forgive me.

But great news,  the book is finally finished!  The next step is to have the book copyedited,  so I will keep you up to date with developments as they happen.

The other news I should announce is the guests I've managed to blackmai...  erm, agree to write special articles for the book.   These include:   Stuart Ashen,  Did You Know Gaming, Violet Berlin (Bad Influence), Mr. Biffo (Digitiser), Dan Ibbertson (DJ Slope), Wesley Lock (my TV partner), The Easter Egg Hunter, Rabbid Luigi, Pug Hoof Gaming, and James Egan (Another Book Writer).

I have a couple of guests also providing forewords for the book,  but I'll announce those as they come in.

But the book is finally complete,  thank you ever so much for all your support and patience over this past year,  your support has meant more to me than anything, and really helped me through the hard times of writing this tome :)   Thank you!

- Larry

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Chris Jordan
 Chris Jordan says:

Excellent news man. Look forward to reading it.

posted 11th January 2019

Iain Roberts
 Iain Roberts says:

Will Kim justice be part of the book at all?

posted 11th January 2019

Simon Tatarinov
 Simon Tatarinov says:

Great news, Larry! Can't wait to read it!

Last month I wondered if this project is going to be featured as another Kickscammers entry :P

posted 11th January 2019

Paul Jacobson
 Paul Jacobson says:

Sweet, looking forward to reading it =)

posted 11th January 2019

Andrew Beer
 Andrew Beer says:

Awesome news! Can't wait to get my grubby hands on it ;)

posted 11th January 2019

Charlotte Cook
 Charlotte Cook says:

Amazing, can't wait to read this :D

posted 11th January 2019

Alexander Bagley
 Alexander Bagley says:

Stellar news!

posted 11th January 2019

Alicia Knightly
 Alicia Knightly says:

This is great news! Really looking forward to seeing what you've written :)

posted 11th January 2019

Andrew Potts
 Andrew Potts says:

Fantastic news bud! Can't wait to feed my brain of your fabulous facts in dead tree format! :)

posted 11th January 2019

Sean Schneider
 Sean Schneider says:

That is such great news that I went ahead and upgraded to the Box Art tier! I'm so happy I'm going to have one of my favorite YouTube series in physical format *and* it'll be signed by the man himself!

posted 21st January 2019

Randy Hunter
 Randy Hunter says:

So when will people expect to finally receive this book ? I really can not wait to read it and i was getting worried because i never received update emails i only had the original email of the pledge i made but no info on progress or expected shipping date.

posted 24th January 2019

Steven Waugh
 Steven Waugh says:

Sweet I hope it get copyedited fast and done right

posted 28th January 2019

Daniel Schnabel
 Daniel Schnabel says:

any news on the book? im looking forward to reading it, but it really has been a long waiting time. what about an update?

posted 26th August 2019

Lewis Cox
 Lewis Cox says:

Any updates on this? Been a while.

posted 2nd September 2019

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