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Good News Everyone, The Book Exists!!!

Friday, 17 January 2020


Hello You!!!   The Fact Hunt Book Finally Exists!!! Huzzar!!!

Yup, after all this time, we're on the final straight with the book and they'll all be winging their way to you shortly,  and for anyone who pledged for a signed copy, I'll be going up to Unbound's warehouse next week to sign over 500 of them,  so they'll be with you very soon too.   I'll snap some update photos too for good…

Book is complete!!!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Hey everyone,   apologies for the total lack of any updates,  buried my head into writing the book so much I forgot to keep afloat of the updates.  Please do forgive me.

But great news,  the book is finally finished!  The next step is to have the book copyedited,  so I will keep you up to date with developments as they happen.

The other news I should announce is the guests I've managed to blackmai…

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