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A compendium of the strangest, most shocking, hilarious and captivating facts and anecdotes from all of Gaming!

A bumper collection of facts about video games from YouTuber extraordinaire, Larry Bundy Jr (yes, "That Guru Larry" from TV)! This book will debunk myths and urban legends, delve into developer's biggest successes and failures, explore the odd characters behind the games and unearth the obscure, the forgotten, the cancelled and the abandoned aspects of the video game world.



For an industry now old enough to have grandkids, video gaming has come along in leaps and bounds.

However, look past the PR visage of press releases, news and reviews, and you’ll uncover an entire underworld of funny, factual and interesting stories sadly lost to the ethers of time.

Well, that was until I became totally obsessed with rediscovering them.

For the past decade, I have painstakingly trawled through countless old gaming magazines, routinely harassed video game developers, and blackmailed journalists to uncover these amazing tidbits and anecdotes that would have sadly fallen by the wayside of history.



But, rather than create a rather long, drawn out and quite frankly boring compendium on the entire history of video games, I’ve cherry picked some of the best stories, facts and anecdotes throughout gaming, and compiled them into a fun, easy to read, full colour book, akin to the Guinness Book of Records or Ripley’s Believe it or Not! annuals.

You know, the type you’d receive as a gift, grab when you desperately need to read something while on the toilet, or maybe even pass the time during a zombie apocalypse.

Stuffed between the covers of this book are facts like...

The Biggest Developer Screw Ups

Own goals in Champions of Europe, Action Reply Demo creating the piracy market for the Dreamcast, & more.

The Cancelled and Abandoned Games

“Night Trap”, “Timesplitters 4”, “Liquid Kids”

Longest Time Spent in Development Hell

“Too Human” (9 years, 8 months), “Prey” (11 years), “Unreal World” (26 years and counting)

Forgotten Consoles

Ever heard of a “PV-1000”, “Hyperscan”, or “View-Master Interactive”? Thought not.

Plus tonnes of other fascinating and fun topics like the best Urban Legends and Video Game Myths, Weird Patents and Tech Devs Thought Were a Good Idea at the Time, Nintendo And All That Entails, Bizarre Fads in Gaming No One Noticed Happening, Games Based on Cancelled Movies, Western Games Redesigned into Anime, Shortest Ever Development Times, Greatest April Fools Pranks, Games Renamed for Bizarre Reasons and much, much more from every nook, cranny, and dusty corner of gaming. 



Book Stats

  • Approximately 250 pages
  • Full colour, glossy, high-quality printing
  • Hardback with head and tail bands
  • Full colour endpapers
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Large but portable format: 201 x 254mm
  • Epic pledge levels, including original artwork, adding your favourite fact in the book, a special one-of-a-kind copy handcrafted by Larry, and more!



Fact Hunt: Fantastic, Funny and Downright Bizarre Facts about Video Games will contain over 200 pages of interesting details and tales from games that were all-time classics, to games that were awful. Games that were a big part of your childhood, to games that were never even released.

Also, along the way, I’ve invited a few famous gaming guests from television and the interwebs to provide their favourite quips for your personal perusal.

So whatever your level of interest and knowledge on video games, you’re guaranteed to learn a ton of entertaining all new information with this book!


Larry Bundy Jr has lead quite the varied career, from playing “Tango Man” in the Tango TV adverts, being a character and concept artist for projects for both Aardman Animation, Disney, as well as a number of video game publishers, to writing and presenting the World’s First Retro Gaming Television Show.

His YouTube channel currently boasts over 300,000 subscribers and 45,500,000 video views, where he focuses on light hearted/comedic histories of video games (some of which have been commissioned by Nintendo), as well as fun features on technology and comedy sketch animations.

Larry was also the first ever YouTuber in history to have a television show commissioned, “Guru Larry’s Retro Corner” which aired on Sky TV for over eight years. It also spawned the satirical review show, “Reviewmageddeon” as well as the light hearted comedy Top Ten series, “Wez and Larry’s Top Tens”.

Larry’s distinct narrative skills have also been highly sought after, from television episode recaps of The Walking Dead (commissioned by the shows creators, Skybound) to official lore retrospectives for Game of Thrones for American audiences. He has also voice acted in a number of animated shows and sketches for the web.

Larry’s vast knowledge of video games has also come to the aid of The BBC’s consumer show, Watchdog a number of times, as well as major contributions for Charlie Brooker’s TV ventures into the genre.


We all know that a lot of video game characters are “inspired” by celebrities, Heck, I could make an entire book about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone inspirations alone. But what about the average peep on the street? Were they ever a muse for pixelated protagonists? Why, yes indeedy!


Just because you’re “inspired” by someone, it doesn’t exactly mean you have to like them. As is the case of the 1988 home computer game, Chubby Gristle.

The protagonist of the same name was based on a rather obnoxious, overweight car park attendant, who would often yell at the game’s developers Teque Software for parking in wrong spaces. So as revenge for his rather totalitarian ways, Teque secretly made him the main character of a platform game they were developing for multiple systems. Chubby’s real life catchphrases: “Ya can’t park ‘ere” and “ 'Ave a word with the administrator” were even digitised and put into the Commodore Amiga version.


Many gaming magazines at the time claimed that Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame was based on the creator, Toby Gard’s rock climbing sister, Frances. However, in an interview with the Gard several years later, Toby stated his main influences for Lara were in fact Indiana Jones and Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl.

Quite obvious really, but, then again, I don’t think anyone would openly admit they created a major ‘90s sex symbol based on their own sister now would they?

Paul Martin
Paul Martin asked:

When shall book be released ??

Larry Bundy
Larry Bundy replied:

Hey Paul, Can't say anything concrete at the moment, as it depends on how soon its funded. But it woudn't be too long after as a lot of the book is already written :)

Tiago Martins
Tiago Martins asked:

When can we expect the books to start shipping?

Larry Bundy
Larry Bundy replied:

Well there's a few things that need to be a few checks, printing Etc. But essentially a few months after funding has been completed really.

Joshua Ritchie
Joshua Ritchie asked:

Hay Larry if i buy the two player pack could i add 5 bucks for you to autograph one of them. Would love to have one for archival reasons

Larry Bundy
Larry Bundy replied:

Sure, I'll have a word with Unbound, I'm sure we can arrange that! :)

Chad W. Decker
Chad W. Decker asked:

Can i have my name not included in the book?

Unbound replied:

Hi Chad,

You don't have to have your name included if you don't want to. You can just remove the name or you can be an anonymous donor:

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

Steven Waugh
Steven Waugh asked:

I might as will jump with josh but could i have a autograph too, be a good fan of the series fact hunt after i found it. I ordered the box art, pledge it just cost to much if i when any higher. ( around $150 Canadian )

Larry Bundy
Larry Bundy replied:

Aw, thank you ever so much Steve, I really do appreciate your support! Was there a higher reward you were after?

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson asked:

On the Game with Larry level, who chooses if you get to game or be in a vid?

Larry Bundy
Larry Bundy replied:

Well it was get to game with me (Also swap usernames so we could stay friends and game some more in the future), but if you'd rather be in a video instead, I definitely could arrange that, yes :)

Dennis Spreen
Dennis Spreen asked:

Sorry to say that, but your book cover isn't really appealing - it looks more like a "how to be organized in 10 steps"- comic book (so something like that) than a book about video games (a "subtle" tetris theme, really?). Nor does your comic character helps. But the inside of the book looks nice, and it's the content that matters - I'm not quite sure about backing this.

Larry Bundy
Larry Bundy replied:

Haha, Are you judging a book by its cover? :D But don't worry, it's just a prototype piece for the campaign, the final piece will look a lot more impressive and 100% less tetris-ey!

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