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F**k The Radio, We've Got Apple Juice

How do you make a living as a band in a world that doesn't want to pay? by Miranda Ward

Review for F**k The Radio, We've Got Apple Juice

I just finished reading this book and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Enjoyed isn't enough – it is quite brilliant. The chapter entitled "Value" just blew me away. For years I taught my students that money and fame are never goals, they're always byproducts – like sludge. It's just what happens when you pursue what you love. And the definitions of "money" and "fame" are what will make or break your sense of personal satisfaction when you look back on what you did with your life. That chapter in particular and this whole book really gets to the heart of it.

I also love that it willingly to grapples with the unanswerables – I've come to the conclusion that this is where every syllabus should start: Why were you put on this Earth and what are you going to do about it? It reminds me of Bill Moyers essential questions – I used them in a class I've taught to help some rather mediocre student-teacher candidates create a classroom management plan. I always started with the "What's worth teaching?" question, and with this group, all I managed to do was upset them greatly. But that's my job. They wanted me to give them packets; I'm trying to give them a vision. That's what I got from F**k The Radio....

I've known so many people who struggle with this integrity vs cash conundrum. I drilled it into my daughters' heads that they needed to choose work that improves the lives of others and improves their own lives as well. It can be done. And it almost always works out. The failure lies in the fear. Then I stepped off my soapbox this year to work out my retirement plan, and as I sorted through all of the pension charts and social security statements, I realized that if I had just worked as an administrator for 3-5 years, I could have doubled the draw I'll take in for the rest of my life. Hmmmm. And now all three of my girls work for non-profits. Hmmmmm. Well, f**k the spreadsheet, we have joy.