Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three Meanings of Brexit

By Kalypso Nicolaidis

A meandering through our great archetypal myths and a plea for a kinder Brexit

Sunday, 19 May 2019

At last! Colour download, Facebook et al

Oxford, 19 May 2019

Dear Supporters,

This Crowdfunding business has been quite an adventure and it would not have happened without you: thank you!

On May 9, Europe Day, you received a message from Unbound that the book was ready for you to download. Please note that this was the pre-published version and that as of now you can download the ebook with all the images in colour. The new version is how the e-book was meant to be. You will receive your paper copy early June.

So here it is, over? Well, not quite… as this stage of the adventure, let me let you in on a secret. This is a process not an outcome. Thanks to Unbound’s boundless flexibility.

For one, eventhough I turned in the manuscript eight months ago when funding reached 100%, they let me change much, here and there, as we watched the Brexit saga unfold –above all, a few days before going to press, March 29th in The Sea, the Sea, became Departure Day. Hum.

Most importantly, we are hoping for an amended publication later that would be crowdsourced, containing attributed inserts by readers (you?!) that would have been uploaded on the book’s facebook page. As you will see, the book leaves much to the reader’s imagination, in the spirit of continued conversation.

Importantly, the paper edition of this new version would have all pictures in colour not just the 16 page insert which you will find in the hardcover.  Ah, the pictures! You might be surprised to learn that this was perhaps the hardest part of making this book. Thanks to this Exodus of mine I learned all about the world of copyrights, battled with Pompei museums, corresponded with the Vatican and countless lovely museum and gallery archivists from Croydon to Dijon, Birmingham to Rosenbach, Troyes to Sanders of Oxford, and met wonderful artists either virtually like Icarus’ Catalan painter Gabriel Picart, or in person, like Mel Brigg, the cover artist, who kindly hosted Ari and me in his home on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

So, dear supporters, not all is over, even after the (?) lady sings! Please join the Chorus and let the adventure continue….



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Paul Tappenden
 Paul Tappenden says:

Sound like you've been having a very interesting time on the adventure Kalypso.... great!

posted 21st May 2019

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