By Laurie Avadis

An everyday story of a 32-stone policeman determined to kill his son

Thursday, 2 October 2014


On the day that Rosalind died

my sisters and I

stood in straight alignment 

like 3 celestial bodies in syzygy 


My brother-in-law


and I

carried the void she left in our lives

on our shoulders 

to my airing cupboard 

where we hid it

in the snicket 

between the bath towels

and the torn curtains

we do not have the heart

to throw away


I felt blurred / slanted

so he took me by the hand

and led me to the garden 

where dreams reside

in a state of temporal viscosity


We fell on to our hands and knees

in the apricity of the winter sun

searching for answers

hidden like newly laid robin’s eggs

in the snow

until our fingers and toes were red raw

and the clouds in the savage geometric prism 

through which I see the world

had begun to clear


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Laurie Avadis
 Laurie Avadis says:

I wish mum had been around to hold this book in her hands. She knew that we were going to start this process with Unbound before she passed but I would have loved to have seen the look on her little face when I go into a book shop and see Ex on a shelf for the first time.

posted 2nd October 2014

Jack O'Donnell
 Jack O'Donnell says:

a very touching meditation. Well done. You've done two jobs, wrote the book and, the more difficult one, of selling it to people.

posted 2nd October 2014

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