By Laurie Avadis

An everyday story of a 32-stone policeman determined to kill his son

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A week is a long time in this town

Well week one has come and gone. The generosity and support from places and people I had never expected has been incredible. I will go in to my local Shooting Star Hospice shop to say hello this weekend and arrange to visit the Hospice itself. 

My cousins have been amazing - Marsha from the USA, Louise and Louis - he has started a campaign on Facebook. This process really does encourage special people in your life to stand up and be counted. Luke and Tony should be back next week and I would expect all three of us to welcome that and the impetus they will generate!

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Marcia D. Miller
 Marcia D. Miller says:

For me,
What is so extraordinary about Laurie Avadis, is that he can speak to " all of life" equally expressed, in the vernacular of each experience.
The tender, the sweet, the longing of loving, the devastation of loss, the triumph of finding, the wonder of innocence, the magic of the imagined and yes, the harshness and blood letting of injury, betrayal and hatred.
To be abled in expression of these extremes , within the human experience and keep one's integrity of expression, is true artistry and pure genius !
Few , can create with courageous, honesty of conviction, bearing all of one's soul, while keeping step between exquisit softness and horrific hardness
Laurie Avadis is one of a few.
Look, read, listen

That's " my"cousin !

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posted 5th September 2014

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