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The Truthful Phone

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hello Terry Jones' Evil Machines Supporters!

NEWS!   The first story in Evil Machines, The Truthful Phone is being adapted into a film! 

Taking inspiration from both the Evil Machines story and Terry’s screenplay for Labyrinth, the adaptation is a rollicking comedy with Mae Morris at the core of this tale of mischief and mayhem as the phone not only tells versions of the truth - but becomes…

The Vacuum That Was Too Powerful

Monday, 11 July 2011

Here is another chapter from 'Evil Machines' - help me finish it by pledging your support and get your name in the back! Imagine that.


There was once a very Powerful Vacuum Cleaner. On the side of its cylinder was inscribed the legend: “Possibly the most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner in the World!”

“That’s the vacuum cleaner for us!” said John.


Python News

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lots of Python related news which I thought I'd better share with you.

Not that it's stopping me from writing - oh no.

Firstly we're making a 3D animated film based on Graham's memoirs

Monty Python Members Unite for Graham Chapman Film

The BBC are making a drama about the slightly mixed reception The Life of Brian received when it was released. I'm played by someone young and handsome - I'm not…

Evil Machines

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pondering the new book I've been reminded of some other Evil Machines or rather Evil Machine makers I wrote about in the Guardian a couple of years ago. Here's the piece:


Dear arms industry,

Congratulations! At this time of economic crisis, when everyone is tightening their belts and reducing expenditure because of the monetary meltdown, you're the one industry that's still expanding. According…

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Monday, 9 May 2011

Well how lovely to see you here.

Firstly, I should thank-you for having the devil-may-care audacity to buy a book that hasn't quite been written yet. With your help it will be. You can now relax and enjoy watching me write it. I, on the other hand, have some serious work to do. Not that it will be very serious you understand. In fact most of it will be very silly. Well that's what you get for buying…

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