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The first biography of the cult Scottish band.

At the height of the post-punk movement, amid the wails of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the guitar riffs of The Cure, the haunting bass of Bauhaus and the madness of PiL, appeared a band like no other: Cocteau Twins. From the early 1980s to the end of the following decade, the Scottish trio produced a unique sound filled with crystalline guitars, soundscapes that were alternately dreamlike and electrifying, and the incomparable voice of eccentric soprano Elizabeth Fraser, whose unintelligible singing infuriated and delighted the group’s fans in equal measure. Although largely unnoticed by the general public, Cocteau Twins gained a huge following on the indie scene, plus a few high-profile fans including Prince and Madonna. The band’s influence on the music scene was enormous, leading to a range of new movements.

Published in France in 2013, Jean-Christophe Manuceau’s Cocteau Twins: Des Punks Célestes is the world’s very first book about this cult band. Offering rare photos and fresh material based on interviews with Robin Guthrie, Vaughan Oliver and Lincoln Fong, it tracks the evolution of an uncompromising band that resisted trends while struggling to overcome its demons. Solo careers are also explored, and the final chapters focus on the language Elizabeth invented to write her lyrics, the 4AD label and Cocteau Twins’ lasting impact on the music scene, as well as cover art, music videos and the band’s rare television appearances.

Jean-Christophe Manuceau is a 48-year-old French journalist living near Paris, France. In addition to this Cocteau Twins biography, he has published a short-story collection titled L’Homme sans Parapluie (also in 2013).



Cocteau Twins book funding on the way

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

72 backers have already participated in the funding of the English version of the Cocteau Twins book. Thank you so much for your support! It's coming along pretty well! Do spread the word around you as we need more backers to go all the way.

Nigel Dahlgreen
Nigel Dahlgreen asked:

I'm unclear. Is this available in English?

Jean-Christophe MANUCEAU
Jean-Christophe MANUCEAU replied:

Yes the book will be available in English when the funding is secured.

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