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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Thank you to all supporters of the Dark Angels book 'Established'. I'm thrilled to report that the book is now 100% funded (though there's still time for new pledgers to get their names in the book. It was a remarkable effort by more than 300 Dark Angels supporters to fund what will be a beautiful and entertaining book. As a bonus, we think it will also be useful!

Next steps are for us now to move things forward with Unbound. The main chapters are written, but we need to write a Conclusions chapter, looking at the stories and evidence we've gathered. "How on earth did they manage it?" these companies that have been around for centuries. Perhaps in the wake of Brexit, the question is all the more pertinent than it was when we first posed it and asked for your support.

Now the book has to be edited, designed, promoted and printed. It will take a bit of time but we'll be doing our best to get it in your hands as soon as we possibly can.


Thank you once again.



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Publication date: February 2018
105% funded
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