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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Welcome to The Shed

Welcome to our behind-the-scenes parallel universe clubhouse, The Shed. I hope you made it through the minefield in one piece and that the things in the moat didn't give you too much lip. They're just doing their job.

I like "The Shed" as a name for a back-room gathering place. At first it suggests an unassuming outbuilding where boffins and suburban eccentrics might retreat for a spot of meditative tinkering: a place of quiet mystery prompting passersby to ask "What's he building in there?".

But this isn't "a shed". Oh no. It's "The Shed". Capital Tee, Capital Ess. In here we really get things going. Come on in, gather round. The whole thing could take off at any minute.

A rip-roaring thank you to everyone who has contributed to the book so far. You are the special ones, the ones directly helping to usher this book into existence. Couldn't do it without you.

To reward your support and to help us all maintain an air of tingly magic around the project, I'll post an update to The Shed every now and again with essays, cuttings, photos, ideas, announcements, funding news, sneak-peaks of the book itself, fantasies, cheese dreams, cries for help.

As for the book itself, the first draft stands at 62,000 words, with something like 10,000 words to go. That's good progress! Of course, the key words are "first draft" and a lot of work is still required until there's a second draft worth showing to anyone. Still, it feels good to have this much done. Fairly soon, I'll start acting less like a writer and more like a sculptor, chipping away and smoothing out the existing matter.

In terms of funding, we arrived at 20% of the target after just two days. From what I can tell, this is pretty good. Of course, we owe a lot to the natural excitement that comes in the first two days of any project and to the generous person who pledged £600 in a single transaction: those things won't happen every day, so the next 80% is going to be a challenge. Goodness knows how we'll do it, but do it we shall. I've a few tricks up my sleeve. In the meantime, tell your friends about the project, especially if they look overworked, overstressed, have twenty quid to part with and could benefit from the definitive guide to Escapology.

Until next time,


Robert Wringham

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