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By Robert Wringham

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Trailer, Bibliography, Translation and Will Self

Hello everyone,

There's been a few developments around Escape Everything! and I've been meaning to tell you about them.

First, I made a trailer. I think it captures the spirit of the book. You can see it at the main Unbound page and on YouTube. Show your pals.

Second, a few people said they wished I'd included a bibliography in the book. Not wanting to disapoint on matters bibliographic, you can now find one here.

Third, there will be an edition in translation next year. Shouldn't say too much at this point but it's quite exciting.

Last, I'm determined to get a few more Unbound supporters onto the main Escapology mailing list so we can better stay in touch. As an incentive to join, I'm going to give a free PDF of New Escapologist Issue 12 (our newest issue, featuring Will Self) to everyone on the list (new or otherwise) on June 15th. So join now for a cool freebie.

Thank you again to everyone. It's been wonderful to see our tome on the shelves of bookshops all over the UK and to receive the occasional kind email from a reader about it. Thanks!

Best Bestness,

Robert Wringham x

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James Russell
 James Russell says:

There will be an edition in translation next year. Shouldn't say too much at this point but it's quite exciting.

posted 25th January 2019

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