Escape Everything!

By Robert Wringham

Tired of the everyday grind? We say: Goodbye to all that

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lock-picking Imaginary Handcuffs (Mountain Shores Podcast)

The fine fellows—Michael, Milo and Fabian—of the Mountain Shores (Un)Productivity Podcast had me on as a guest this week.

I was there ostensibly to promote our funding campaign for Escape Everything! but we had far more fun than that.

For almost an hour, we talked about Houdini, humour writing, self-help, daily routines, Tim Ferriss, Jon Ronson, Russell Brand, Jane Austen, Henry Miller, David Graeber and many others. Ears must have been burning all over. Not that yours will when you listen, of course. Tune in if you'd like to. It’s a great podcast.

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