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Friday, 15 July 2016

"Ich Bin Raus" + more Escapology for free

Hello folks,

Here's the latest development in the book you helped make a reality. There's going to be a German edition! Oh yes. The new title is Ich Bin Rous, which means "I'm Out".

This is quite an achievement and I'm glad the book now has a longer life than I originally imagined. So thank you. Here's a page about the new edition, which is probably only useful if you happen to speak German (which you might!).

In other news, I'm still eager to get some of the lovely people who supported the book onto the general Escapology mailing list so we can stay better connected for future schemes and hijinks. As an added incentive, I'm giving away New Escapologist Issue 3 for free as a PDF to all mailing list members on August 1st. Don't miss this! Issue 3's a classic, featuring loads of practical advice and a cheerful dialogue with none other than Tom Hodgkinson. So don't delay, join up today!

All for now,

Rob x

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