Epic Space

By Ian Martin

Is texture the new fragrance?

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ebook edition
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1st edition hardback book and the ebook edition
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Signed 1st edition hardback book, ebook edition
$75  + shipping
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Signed 1st edition hardback book with personal 50-word handwritten sarcastic message to dedicatee (Strong language optional) and the ebook edition
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Limited Edition Future London Skyline Print by Moose Allain

A print of The Future London Skyline, illustrated by Moose Allain and signed by Moose and Ian, labelled with an extended list of the Skyscraper Nicknames featured in the video. Plus everything up to the personalised level. (25 available)

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Enlightened Patron

Everything up to the Personalised level, plus your name listed at the front of the book as an Enlightened Patron
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Launch Party

Two tickets to a boozy launch party, plus everything up to the signed level
$225  + shipping
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Dedicated by an Epic Space character

Everything up to the signed level plus 100-word handwritten satirical dedication in the style of one of the characters featured in Epic Space:
• Rock Steady Eddie the fixer.
• Amy Blackwater the ecomentalist in a balaclava
• Arts correspondent Darcy Farquear’say and his dachshund Bauhau
• Dusty Penhaligon the conservactionist
• Isis de Cambray the magic arborealist
• HRH the Prince of Wales
• Beansy the nanofuturologist
• Phil Cluster the developer-gangster
• The Hon. Aneas Upmother-Brown and his swarm of pet bees
• Loaf, the current Mayor of London
$375  + shipping
8 pledges

Lunch at the Shard

Have lunch at the top of the Shard with Ian, during which he will point out famous London landmarks and take the piss out of them, plus everything up to the signed level. Limited to ten people

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