Ending the Pursuit

By Michael Paramo

Asexuality, Aromanticism and Agender Identity

Friday, 4 October 2019

First monthly goal reached!

Hello everyone,

Thank you for supporting Ending the Pursuit: Asexuality, Aromanticism, and Agender Identity to reach its first monthly goal of 40% by the end of September! I'm thrilled with the response that this book has received so far and remain hopeful that this project will fund by the end of the year, so thank you again for sharing and supporting the project.

I have managed The Asexual journal (theasexual.com) as the lead editor and social media writer now for the past three years and have been critically analyzing the many topics of this book within academia and as an independent researcher for many years. I'm excited for the opportunity to share these perspectives with you in this book!

With thanks,

Michael Paramo

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