Week 4 - almost, nearly, partly halfway there... a bit...

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The End of Magic now has over 100 backers, which is amazing and I would hug you all but I suspect there are laws against that sort of thing and my arms aren't nearly big enough. Didn't quite make my aspirational 50% target this week, but I'm really happy at 46%. Still, almost, just, maybe making my 1% per day target... But next week, folks, next week it's 50% or bust! I've been told that getting to 50% means I'll get on the Unbound newsletter, which reaches 60k people, which might help a tad. So do please continue to spread the word. Send your fantasy fiction fans this link... https://unbound.com/books/end-of-magic/

Or this RT this tweet if you haven't already... https://twitter.com/markstay/status/963766850155933699


In the meantime, enjoy these little snippets from the book...


Till next week!

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