The End of Magic

By Mark Stay

A sweeping fantasy of magic's ending; a new name to set alongside Jen Williams and Den Patrick.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

It started nearly a year ago...

My crowdfunding campaign for The End of Magic started on 14th February (how romantic!) 2018 and the first pledge was from my aunt Marion. I got ten pledges on the first day... no day after that was ever that easy again! Almost 90 days of crowdfunding to reach my target, then months in the edit, copy-edit, proofread, cover design and then signing off on it and a few sleepless nights where I was sure there would be some disaster like all the pages being printed upside down.

And then this happened...

And then my social media started going crazy...


You lot are amazing!

I'm completely overwhelmed by the amazing support I've had from you all. I really mean it. There's so much crap going on in the world, but you've proven again and again that there are communities of readers and writers and creators who help each other out and bang the drum for new and shiny ideas.

I thank you all again, and I really hope the book lives up to your expectations.

If there's one thing I've learned from all my years in bookselling it's that the launch day is just the beginning. I'm going to be on the sales, marketing and publicity warpath for the foreseeable future and anything you good people can do to help spread the word would be much appreciated: pop a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or social media... let your local library or bookshop know that it's out... stop random strangers in the street and badger them until they-- Actually, you can probably skip that last one...

Whatever you can do, thank you, thank you, thank you.You're all blimming marvellous and I really hope you enjoy the book and I promise to stop banging on about it...

Till next time...



PS. Don't forget, there's a launch at Harbour Books on 15th Feb at 6:30- there will be cakes, wizards and I'll be donating a pound for every copy signed and sold to Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy!



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