Empire of Booze

By Henry Jeffreys

A history of the British Empire told through drink

Monday, 8 February 2016

We have a jacket

Good morning!

I just wanted to share the jacket of Empire of Booze with you. I am sure you wil agree that it looks marvelous. It was designed by Sroop Sunar who has designed covers for Salman Rushdie and Rudyard Kipling so a massive honour to have someone so prestigious. It's nothing how I pictured it and all the better for that. I like that she has caught the fun of the book and emphasised the booze rather than the history.

Publication date is 3rd November and you subscribers should receive finished copies before this date though not sure exactly when. Also subtitle will change to something like: How Britain Created the World's Finest Drinks, to better reflect the content of the book. 

Will be in touch again soon. In the mean time, behold the magnificence:


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Robert McIntosh
 Robert McIntosh says:

love it! very much looking forward to reading the book (and drinking along)

posted 9th February 2016

Steve Day
 Steve Day says:

Looks good. Can't wait to get reading.

posted 9th February 2016

Gary Gillman
 Gary Gillman says:

Excellent cover Henry! Thanks for the heads-up and looking forward to the book.

Gary Gillman

posted 9th February 2016

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