Empire of Booze

By Henry Jeffreys

A history of the British Empire told through drink

Monday, 18 August 2014

Strenuous research trips and a book update

Recently I've be getting lots of email which can be paraphrased as 'where's my bloody book?' Whenever I see friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, they always ask 'when am I getting my book?' So I thought it would be a good idea to give you an update. 

Firstly thank you everyone for pledging. It was wonderful that the book was funded so quickly. It shows that there's an interest in the subject. Or it shows that all those years of being nice to people have finally paid off. People can still buy special gift hardbacks so if you come across anyone who looks very interested in alcohol, do tell him about my book. Any money raised now, I get royalties from rather than just going into the Unbound lunch fund so please do spread the word.

Secondly, to answer the where's my book question, I had a meeting with my editor and hopefully I'll hand the book in in June 2015. Then it will be edited and turned into a book. This is a long process as we want the book not only to read well but to look wonderful as well. There will be maps, illustrations and scratch n' sniff sections (probably.) So the book will be published in 2016 date to be confirmed. 

I am spending every waking moment either writing, reading or thinking about the book. Except when I'm at work in which case I'm 110% committed to that (just in case my employers are reading.) So far I have written four chapters and there will be ten in total. In order to make the book as good as it can be, I have to take strenuous research trips to places such as Portugal, Bordeaux and Jerez. I've just come back from Sicily which was damn hard work:

I'm going to post exerts from some of the chapters soon just so you know that I'm really working and not just sitting around in restaurants drinking wine. Please let me know what you think but only if it's positive. I'm not interested in negative feedback.

Thank you! 

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ElisabethHill Hill
 ElisabethHill Hill says:

That's good to know! I was just about to ask about an ETA for the book itself so exerts will suffice at this stage

elisabeth hill

posted 18th August 2014

Peter Littlechild
 Peter Littlechild says:

Looks like the spelling cheque may take a little time too. But pedentary apart, I'm also looking forward to the, er, extracts. Good luck!
peter littlechild

posted 18th August 2014

Henry Jeffreys
 Henry Jeffreys says:

Oh dear, sorry for the spelling mistakes. There will be less in the finished book.

posted 19th August 2014

Henry Jeffreys
 Henry Jeffreys says:

Ah bollocks, it's fewer isn't it?

posted 19th August 2014

Helen Chesshire
 Helen Chesshire says:

KEEP GOING HENRY! We are all rooting for you. There is so much research to do as the Empire of Booze is endless and ever-evolving but we are all behind you, regardless of how long it takes. Hx

posted 19th August 2014

Henry Jeffreys
 Henry Jeffreys says:

Thanks Helen, it's a rather big topic but I'm being selective: only surprising, exciting or amusing things are going in.

posted 20th August 2014

Trevor FitzJohn
 Trevor FitzJohn says:

Looking forward to the finished book. Keen cider maker and drinker myself. Enjoyed the excerpt re Digby et al. Wassail Trevor

posted 21st August 2014

Henry Jeffreys
 Henry Jeffreys says:

Thanks Trevor! Where are you based? I'd love to try some of your cider for. . ahem. . . research purposes.

posted 22nd August 2014

Sally Prosser
 Sally Prosser says:

Good to have an update....was wondering :)

posted 29th August 2014

Deirdre Tynan
 Deirdre Tynan says:

It will cover gin, won't it?

posted 9th September 2014

Henry Jeffreys
 Henry Jeffreys says:

yes there will be gin.

posted 16th September 2014

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