Empire of Booze

By Henry Jeffreys

A history of the British Empire told through drink

Monday, 19 September 2016

Finished copies

Very soon you will be holding a finished copy of Empire of Booze - we're just waiting for the special editions to arrive in the warehouse and then they will start to be dispatched. I hope you are pleased with the result. I particularly like the gold spine which you can only see when you remove the dust jacket. That's proper craftsmanship that is.

I  hope too that you are pleased with the contents. If you are please do consider reviewing it on Amazon. Lots of 4 and 5 star reviews really help sell the book. And if you're on facebook or twitter or something, perhaps you could post a picture of the book and say how much you're enjoying it (if you're not enjoying it, don't point out that chapter 4 is deriative and unconvincing. I only want to hear good things!)

I know it's all a bit embarrassing. I sometimes think that reading was much better when it was a solitary acitivity, not something that you advertised. The thing is though, as book review sections in papers get smaller and circulations get lower, this kind of reader engagement is the best way for other readers to find out about new books.

So if you like the book, please do tell your friends, family, followers and acolytes.

(This is an advance review copy, and is inferior to the special edition you'll be getting).

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Emma Godden
 Emma Godden says:

Hello, I wondered if there was any update on dispatch dates? Thank you.

posted 9th October 2016

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