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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas wine recommendations

What I like to drink at Christmas is burgundy, burgundy and more burgundy followed by a little port with my stilton. Good burgundy costs money which I don't have so I'm always on the look out for burgundy substitutes. I've discovered two such wines this year and at the moment they're on offer at Tesco

Here they are:

Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon 2005 - Hunter valley semillon is a classic Australian style. Initially it just tastes very dry and lemony but after a few years it takes on flavours of toast and limes. In fact it starts to taste a little bit like a good aged Burgundy except there's no oak at all. At nine years old this is just hitting its stride.

Quinta dos Carvalhais Colheita 2010 - I love the wines of Dao in Portugal. At best they have the fragrance and acidity of a robust sort of Burgundy, a Maranges  perhaps. It's another wine that loves a bit of age. This one is just starting to take on some nice leathery flavours. 

At £8.99, these wines are bargains. With 25% off they go down to £6.67 which is frankly ridiculous for wines of such quality. The white in particular tastes like a £15 wine.

I think these wines are only available online and by the case. The 25% off offer runs until 25 November when you buy two cases (a case is six bottles) or more. Except, of course, in Scotland because there's always a danger with Scots that they'll see all that wine and be unable to stop themselves drinking the lot and singing sectarian songs. 



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Emily Carding
 Emily Carding says:

Henry, what's your top recommendation for red from Tescos this Xmas?

posted 25th November 2014

Emily Carding
 Emily Carding says:

Sorry I meant to write xmas fizz!

posted 25th November 2014

Henry Jeffreys
 Henry Jeffreys says:

Hello Emily! Sorry for delay in replying. Tesco Finest Premier Cru NV Champagne is pretty good and will be on offer at some point over Xmas. Hope you're well. x

posted 4th December 2014

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