By Josephine Greenland

Two Siblings, one crime, one long-kept secret?

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Publication Update


Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the impact it's having on supply chains and trading environments, Unbound (along with almost all other publishers large and small) have had to make changes to their schedule and push back all publications from September and onwards with a few months. 

This means that Embers won't be published until 4TH MARCH 2021. 

I know this is a long wait and can understand any feelings of frustration from supporters who have already waited patiently a long time. However, nothing else can be done in this situation but grow that patience, hope that Unbound and the publishing industry recover once this strange time reaches its end, and mark 4th March 2021 in your diaries. At least now we have a confirmed date. 

Unbound will be in touch with all supporters to give more detailed information on the situation.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these strange times, and really look forward to sharing Embers with you all on the 4/03/21. 

Thinking of you all, 

Josephine x

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