By Josephine Greenland

Two Siblings, one crime, one long-kept secret?

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Final Files and Short Story

Hi Lovely Supporters, 


It's been a while since my latest update so I thought I'd get you up to speed with where things are at at the moment. 

Firstly, the proofreads with my final changes have been received by the editing team and are currently being processed. The final files are likely to be returned to me within a week or two. Meanwhile I have started to reach out for endorsements from other writers and received one offer so far, which is very exciting. 

Secondly, some other non-Embers writerly news to share with you all. I've had a short story published by the US-based Regulus Press as part of their annual Literary Taxidermy anthology. It's a collection of the 10 finalists and winner of the Literary Taxidermy short story competition where contestants write a story fitting within the first and last lines of a classic novel. This year it was Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. My story, Compass of the Winds, made it to the final, which was very exciting and such an honour! If you are interested infinding it more or buying the anthology you can find it on Regulus' Press website or on Amazon! Link below. 


That's all from me for now. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Josephine xx 

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