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Two Siblings, one crime, one long-kept secret?

Monday, 9 March 2020

Edits Round 1 Submitted!

Hi All and Happy Monday!

Tuesday four weeks ago I received the first round of edits from my editor. Almost four weeks down the line, I thought it would be fitting to tell you that a revised version of that edit has now been handed in by me. This edit couldn't have come at a more busy time: middle of placement and critical observation from the university, plus two concerts... Why not add on 300 pages of novel ediitng just for the sake of it... the sweet thing is that all those things have now been completed at the same time. Hello Freedom! All the more time for writing something new, I believe :P

I think I've really grown as a writer during this edit. My editor has taught me how to spot gaps in a character's backstory or motivation, which I hadn't picked up on at all before submitting the (then) final draft to the editorial department. I think it will make me a way better editor when I (very eventually) get to edit my second novel, meaning taht one will be way more polished when I submit it to agents and publishers. 

 Now to wait and see what my editor says and get ready for Edit Round 2! 

Cheerio for now, 


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