By Josephine Greenland

Two Siblings, one crime, one long-kept secret?

Tuesday, 5 January 2021


Lovely Supporters, 

In light of recent government announcements the past two days regarding new lockdowns in the UK, this phrase feels a bit strange to say, but wellwishes are nevertheless important, so - Happy New Year!

I wanted to share some positive news to brighten the evening. A deal has been secured for Embers to be made into an audiobook with Findaway, a US audio content company. Through Findaway, Embers would be available everywhere in the world where English-language audiobooks are sold, including Australia, Canada, UK etc, as well as on platforms like Audible and iBooks. The audiobook version will be out more or less the same time as the print-version, in March. This is a very exciting development and a great step forward in promoting my book to a wider audience. If you have friends or family who enjoy listening to audiobooks, or like doing so yourself, this could be a great way for them to access Embers. 

The link to Findaway is below. 


My thanks go to the sub-rights team at Unbound who have worked tremendously hard to secure this deal the book. 

Also, it is now just under 2 months left until publication day. I am aware how long some of you have waited for this day, so it gladdens me to say we can start the count down now. March is truly not that far away!

As always, take care and stay safe, and stay sane by reading! 

All Best, 


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