Effin' Birds: A Guide to Field Identification

By Aaron Reynolds

A compact, comprehensive and very silly field guide, featuring more than 200 of the best, rudest, and most hilarious Effin' Birds!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Wow. A few months back when Editor Beth approached me about this project, I thought the pledge target for it was higher than I could manage. I am thrilled to have been so wrong.

I made a few stretch goal promises on Twitter, and we’ve hit them all! I said that if we reached 200%, I would do signed bookplates for every physical copy. So, if you pledged for any level that includes a hardcover book, now you’re getting a signature. But what about people who pledged for a signed bookplate? Well, you just got upgraded to a personalized signature. If you were looking for “Marianne, congratulations on keeping your shit together” or “John, why don’t I come over there and do your fucking job for you” in the front of your book, you got it. We have now capped this pledge level at 60, so just a handful remain.

I also said that if we reached 200% by yesterday, I would run a live stream of me signing the 1000+ bookplates that I have now promised to sign. I’m going to try to do it in one sitting, so that you can watch my joy at fulfilling a lifelong dream slowly morph into the horrible realization of just how many times I have to sign my name. I’ll post an update once we figure out when that is happening with time and date and stream details.

Finally, Nolan has agreed, in solidarity with his dad, to sign 15 more books, so the Son of a Bird pledge level has returned. His eighth birthday is this Friday, but he is not yet too old to think that EAT FARTS is the funniest joke ever.

Thank you, everyone, for making this possible.

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Elana King
 Elana King says:

Congratulations, and a very happy almost birthday to Nolan!

posted 14th March 2018

Vladislav Osmanov
 Vladislav Osmanov says:


posted 14th March 2018

Leslie Aiken
 Leslie Aiken says:

Awesome! I wanted a signed copy and a deck of cards so now I've upgraded. I hope I can still get both!

posted 14th March 2018

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