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A compact, comprehensive and very silly field guide, featuring more than 200 of the best, rudest, and most hilarious Effin' Birds!

The most eagerly anticipated new volume in the grand and noble profession of nature writing and bird identification. Sitting proudly alongside Sibley, Kaufman and Peterson, Effin' Birds: A Guide to Field Identification contains over 160 pages crammed full of the classic, monochrome plumage of vintage woodcut art which made the Effin' Birds a household name, and the full, Technicolour glory of John James Audubon’s most beautiful work. Including never-before-seen Birds, insults, and extra material, this Guide is a must-have for any Effin' Fan.

Entries include stunningly accurate illustrations and accompanying fowl-mouthed bird calls. Plus, descriptive captions indicating the type of bird and where you can find them in modern, working life. Each entry has no information at all on nesting, behaviour, food, eggs, feathers… err… flying? What else do birds do?

This field guide does include:

  • Scientifically accurate and beautiful illustrations of birds
  • Swearing. A lot of swearing.
  • Incisive commentary on modern life and the world we, as humans, must navigate. 
  •  … It’s just some pictures of fuckin' birds, ok?

The Effin’ Birds were created by Aaron Reynolds, the social media genius behind BatLabels and SwearTrek. He’s made his name being rude on the internet with serious pictures of birds to convey his day-to-day frustrations, funny encounters, and his most eye-roll-inducing office moments. By day, a software instructor, by night an internet sensation, Aaron owes his entire success to his young son who came up with the Eat Farts Eagle.

Effin' Birds: A Guide to Field Identification features such gems as the Nope Bird, the Gandalf Owl, and the More Fucking Meetings Duck, but this book takes the Effin Birds one step further by giving them context, backgrounds and lives of their own.



  • Over 160 pages.
  • Two 16 page colour plate sections featuring John James Audubon’s illustrations.
  • Hardback
  • Full colour dustjacket
  • 222 x 178mm
  • EXCLUSIVE pledge levels, including mugs, prints, and a bespoke, leather-bound notebook.


Aaron Reynolds makes a lot of weird stuff on the internet, he's the writer of @EffinBirds and @swear_trek and the curator of @BatLabels. In his spare time between being hilarious on social media, he's a software instructor, which is where most of his Effin' inspiration comes from.


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Wow. A few months back when Editor Beth approached me about this project, I thought the pledge target for it was higher than I could manage. I am thrilled to have been so wrong.

I made a few stretch goal promises on Twitter, and we’ve hit them all! I said that if we reached 200%, I would do signed bookplates for every physical copy. So, if you pledged for any level that includes a hardcover book…

Welcome to the Effin' Campaign

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Back in May when I started making Effin' Birds on Twitter I had no idea that I would find myself here. I have all of you to thank for it. And now I'd like to ask for your help in spreading this project as far and as wide as we can, to all of those people who won't know how much they need Effin' Birds in their life until you tell them.

John Cunningham
John Cunningham asked:

Hi there. I very happily purchased the Be In The Book level and was wondering how the process for finalizing the page will work?

Aaron Reynolds
Aaron Reynolds replied:

Hi John! Thanks for your support. Step one will be to figure out what you want to say. As I approach the page that will contain your bird, I’ll send you an email to the address in your Unbound profile. If necessary we’ll talk about massaging it a bit, and I’ll present you with a few bird choices. Finally, my editor here will either commend us on how hilarious we both are or will tell us to go back and do it again.

How’s that sound?

Daniel mcdonald
Daniel mcdonald asked:

Why the fuck is the highest tier 2k?

Aaron Reynolds
Aaron Reynolds replied:

When doing a custom, one-off design on a leather notebook we end up destroying a lot of notebooks with the laser. It sounds fun, but it’s really expensive.

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