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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Dear Lovely Readers,

Every year, The Guardian does a very fine thing to promote books people might have heard of. This is the 'Not the Booker List'. Two very kind people, Wendy Tuohy and Emma Moyle nominated me, so I'm on a longlist of 140. Alongside fellow Unbounders Patrick Kincaid,(The Continuity Girl), Stevyn Colgan (A Murder to Die For), Julia Kite (The Hope & Anchor), Zelda Rhiando (Fukishama Dreams), Jamie Paradise (Night Time Cool), Robert Welbourn (Idea Angels).

There is a 1 in 28 chance of getting on the longlist, so not very high odds.But, the good thing about this list is it is an opportunity for people to find about Echo Hall. So, if you've read and enjoyed the book, please could you do me a favour and consider giving me a vote?(Unless, of course, you've read and preferred one of the others). It really does help spread the word, and you never know, if enough of you do it, I might even make the shortlist :-).

You can vote here. Please note you need to get your vote in before 23.59 on the 6th August.

Very many thanks.


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