Echo Hall

By Virginia Moffatt

Three generations of women experience love, loss and conflict in times of war

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Joy of Editing (2)

Well I said it would hurt, and it did.

Though the amendments to Ruth and Elsie's stories weren't too bad, amending Rachel's letters was much more challenging.  I knew Scott was right in that I had to cut a lot of words to make them less 'novely' and more 'lettery'.But oh it was a struggle. For they were my words,  which I had crafted lovingly over several years and they were beautiful. So there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I had to let them go.

After two months of toing and froing, I sent the manuscript back yesterday, 7,000 words lighter and, I think,much better for their loss. Thankfully Scott agreed, so now we're on to the next stage - copy editing - after which, proofs, a front cover and publication beckon.

Despite the word culls, it's been a great process, and I've really appreciated Scott's rigour - he hasn't let me get away with anything. Every writer needs an editor like that. He has also taught me great wisdom. I have discovered that I overuse the word 'whilst', pluralise 'roof' as 'rooves' when 'roofs' will do (product of a 70's education), put two spaces after full stops because I learnt to type on a typewriter,  and, oh yes,  mobile phones are banned in most country houses. Who knew?

So now this stage is finished, I have time to clear the decks sort out a couple of other writing projects and study for my exam on contract negotiations. Roll on the summer holidays, I think I've deserved them.

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Heather Speight
 Heather Speight says:

What a painfully lengthy process....
Well Done and Good Luck... the End is now in sight!!
I'm co-editing a Collection of Quotations From War to Peace... thoughts on the End of's taking forever... and its only a booklet!!
All Best
Heather S
PS it wd be good to meet you some day.., our daughter and family live on a houseboat near Donnington Bridge! X

rewarding ha

posted 19th June 2017

Heather Speight
 Heather Speight says:

Tried to send this via another route, but it didn't work , so trying this

Thought of you when I read about your husband Chris blocking the road to the arms fair. Do pass on my thanks and good wishes to him.

I' m also reminded that you introduced me to Vincent Burke and his moving Remembrance song - its that time coming up...again...we must spread the word about the song again...

Good luck with the last stretch till your book gets published - not long now?!

Our daughter Fiona lives in Oxford with Leo and their three children in a houseboat near Donington Bridge, so maybe I could look you up for a cup of something when we next visit!
Heather Speight xx

posted 1st October 2017

Virginia Moffatt
 Virginia Moffatt says:

Thanks Heather. I've only just seen this! It would be lovely to meet, though it's difficult for me to find time in the day. Look out for book launch date at Albion Beatnik...Hope you can come!

posted 24th October 2017

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