The Joy of Editing (2)

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Well I said it would hurt, and it did.

Though the amendments to Ruth and Elsie's stories weren't too bad, amending Rachel's letters was much more challenging.  I knew Scott was right in that I had to cut a lot of words to make them less 'novely' and more 'lettery'.But oh it was a struggle. For they were my words,  which I had crafted lovingly over several years and they were beautiful. So there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I had to let them go.

After two months of toing and froing, I sent the manuscript back yesterday, 7,000 words lighter and, I think,much better for their loss. Thankfully Scott agreed, so now we're on to the next stage - copy editing - after which, proofs, a front cover and publication beckon.

Despite the word culls, it's been a great process, and I've really appreciated Scott's rigour - he hasn't let me get away with anything. Every writer needs an editor like that. He has also taught me great wisdom. I have discovered that I overuse the word 'whilst', pluralise 'roof' as 'rooves' when 'roofs' will do (product of a 70's education), put two spaces after full stops because I learnt to type on a typewriter,  and, oh yes,  mobile phones are banned in most country houses. Who knew?

So now this stage is finished, I have time to clear the decks sort out a couple of other writing projects and study for my exam on contract negotiations. Roll on the summer holidays, I think I've deserved them.

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Heather Speight
Heather Speight says:

What a painfully lengthy process....
Well Done and Good Luck... the End is now in sight!!
I'm co-editing a Collection of Quotations From War to Peace... thoughts on the End of's taking forever... and its only a booklet!!
All Best
Heather S
PS it wd be good to meet you some day.., our daughter and family live on a houseboat near Donnington Bridge! X

rewarding ha

June 19, 2017

Heather Speight
Heather Speight says:

Tried to send this via another route, but it didn't work , so trying this

Thought of you when I read about your husband Chris blocking the road to the arms fair. Do pass on my thanks and good wishes to him.

I' m also reminded that you introduced me to Vincent Burke and his moving Remembrance song - its that time coming up...again...we must spread the word about the song again...

Good luck with the last stretch till your book gets published - not long now?!

Our daughter Fiona lives in Oxford with Leo and their three children in a houseboat near Donington Bridge, so maybe I could look you up for a cup of something when we next visit!
Heather Speight xx

October 01, 2017

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