Echo Hall

By Virginia Moffatt

Three generations of women experience love, loss and conflict in times of war

Friday, 16 March 2018

Pushing Forwards

Hello there,

Some of you might have spotted it's been a while since I've posted. That is mainly because I have been cramming for my Procurement Diploma exams (an exercise in stuffing as much useless information in my head that I can retain long enough to regurgitate in 3 hours). This has diverted me from the much more important job of pushing 'Echo Hall' out to readers everywhere.

So now that's done, I'm back in the saddle and there's a few things going on.

1.  Hay Festival Vote 100 Books

The Hay Festival is inviting readers to vote for a book published by a woman since 1918 that links to women's suffrage and rights 

I'm a regular at Hay, and would be over the moon if I managed to get on this list by virtue of the suffragette connection.I appreciate it's a long shot, but if you think my little book is worth it, please do give it a punt!

You can vote here.

2. Blackwell's events

I'm delighted to be at Blackwell's Oxford, 2 days running.

On  Wednesday 21st March at 7pm, I'll be joining Writer's in Blackwell's  to talk about what it is like to be an Unbound author. This is an open event and all are welcome.

On Thursday 22nd March at 7pm, I'll be at the Festival Marquee with a slot at the Open Mic session (I'll be on at 7.10).

Hope to see some of you there.

3. Twitter Treasure Hunt 

On Saturday 24th March I'll be running a treasure hunt on twitter. I will be placing 3 signed copies of 'Echo Hall' at different places in Oxford with a literary connection. There will also be a copy available to win online. I'll be putting up literary clues on twitter. The game will run from about 11-4, depending how good my clues are. It will work like this.

1. I'll post a clue on twitter, linked to a particularly literary location. When you've solved it, go to the place and send me a picture of yourself there.

2. When I've had several answers, I'll post the next clue allowing you time to solve and get to the next place.

3. The final three clues will be for the prizes, so if you miss out on one, there's still a chance to win.

4.I'll have one last clue for online folk who can't get to Oxford. The first person to send me the right answer will win. (Unless I get several at once, in which case I'll pull the answers out of a hat.)

5. I will be in the last location, and will be very happy to chat and talk about the book etc.

To take part follow me on twitter at @aroomofmyown1 and use hashtags #oxfordbookhunt #treasurebooks.

Happy Hunting!


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