Echo Hall

By Virginia Moffatt

Three generations of women experience love, loss and conflict in times of war

Monday, 28 November 2016

Fully Funded!!

This time last year, I answered a call for submissions put out by Scott Pack, Associate Editor with Unbound. I was delighted with his initial positive response, and further delighted when he offered me a deal earlier this year.

It's been a long and hard road since then, so it with huge relief and grateful thanks that I learnt that I had hit 100% today.

It couldn't have been possible without YOU, all the wonderful people who have backed this book, shared posts on social media, hosted events and encouraged friends to pledge. Thanks for your faith in me and  for making it happen.


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Also huge thanks to Scott for signing me, Jimmy, Georgia  and Xander at Unbound and Mark at Rabbit Island Productions for the wonderful film.

Finally, I couldn't have written Echo Hall, or undertaken this massive crowdfunding exercise without the love and support of my wonderful husband Chris, and our three fab kids, Beth, Claire and Jonathan. Thank you allxxx


And now, let the editing commence!

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