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Monday, 4 July 2016

Flash Fiction Fortnight

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Over the last fortnight, I have been celebrating National Flash Fiction Day on 25th June  by writing stories in response to people's prompts.

In the week before NFFD, I took prompts from people on Facebook and wrote seven stories which you can find here. Thanks to Kate, Pat, Chris, Andrew, Wendy and Jennifer for providing the ideas.

On the day itself, I was thrilled to be Writer-in-Residence at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford. The Albion Beatnik is a truly remarkable shop, and it was a total privilege to hang out with Dennis Harrison and his fabulous customers who gave me a wonderful series of prompts.

The first three stories are: Happy Valentine's Day The Morning After Tea Dance.


Stories four to six are: Designing with a purpose   Road Trip    About Time


The seventh story was a bit long for flash fiction, but was really four stories in one, so that makes it all right.

A picnic in the Arabic garden

The final two are: The 11.59 from Hull   Day Pass


Thank you to Dennis Harrison at the Albion Beatnik for hosting my writing marathon and for all the wonderful contributors, Deborah, Marisa, Rachel, Ellie, Vanessa, Kate, Richard and Lucy.

I even made a film of it...Hope you enjoy!


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And to celebrate my birthday, over the next fortnight, I'll be entering anyone who pledges or encourages someone else to pledge to enter my prize giveaway. Prizes are signed copies of my flash fiction collection 'Rapture and what comes after' and the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 'A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed.' Don't delay, pledge today!

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